Friday, August 26, 2011

Absolute Monarchy

Greetings to those sparse few who read my ramblings! I'm here to do another one of my sporadic posts, this time on the tune of monarchy, though perhaps not just Absolute monarchy, but the entire foundation itself. Bear with me, for I'm not as clear of mind as I should be.

I've seen many a user, not just on facebook, but also youtube and other outlets, that happen to believe Absolute monarchy is the way "forward". What this precisely means is up to debate, but I'll not put words in their mouth; while I ultimately have a disdain for absolute monarchists the same way one has for a child that refuses to accept beef roast is superiour to cake, one must also realise the limitations some of us humans have.

Regardless, many an absolute monarchist would admit that capitalism is part of the problem, as I've highlighted in basically every one of my posts, but very few unfortunately recognize absolute monarchy is the very thing that led us to this crapshoot system we call modernity.

Again, I've tried to stress the importance of the Aristocracy but I've not gone into much detail regarding why - this is where I change that. Quite simply, when one has an absolute monarch, one is inviting the bourgeoisie into government, for it's all the monarch has left in the way of allies.

Frankly, as I've said in my previous post, the Aristocracy and Serfs have more in common than either side would like to admit, mostly in the way they do actual work that's not related to various dubious monetary schemes, which ironically the Capitalists of today would like the construe as the only form of "work". Growing food and other VITAL means of production or defending these same activities as the nobility did is somehow inferior to spending a life working with useless paper, in today's system..

I'm distracting myself, At any rate, the absolute monarch must rely on the money lender, the merchant and the general city dweller as a means of support - afterall, he neutered his Aristocracy, the very people defending him.

And why? Simply because he wants more power. I seek not to demonize the monarchs of the late middle ages and on, but to put it simply, they did far more to harm society as we know it today than your so called "modernists" ever did, precisely because they ushered in modernity as a means of convenience.

I not just ask of you, but beg of you all to read why supporting an Aristocracy is vital. To support a monarchy simply for the sake of monarchy is absolutely pathetic; there needs to be substance and meaning behind it.